Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mr. Mesero

Salsa served with fresh chips

Compliments of the Chef: pickled vegetables. These guys were H-O-T!!!

In the spot where Burger Girl used to be (on McKinney) resides a new hotspot: Mr. Mesero. The owner has some some idea of what works - he was the former creator/owner of the M Crowd group. On the day we visited, he cordially visited and sat tables.
The inside has been redone, the outside still has it's decent wrap around patio. The staff is very attentive, super polite, and knowledgeable. We loved our dining experience and can't wait to do a revisit. 
Our server, Marisol, enhanced our experience; she was a straight shooter about menu items, making sure to put warning labels on things that were too hot. 
We started out with the Queso Mesero. It is listed as a House Favorite, and we understand why. Spinach, artichoke, Poblano pepper, and queso make up this dish. It is served, with much fanfare, atop a crunchy chip. The flavors combination is delicate. The pepper is very mild. The queso itself is buttery. We loved it and would order it again. 
Marisol dressed our chip for us. It was a unique experience.
From there, we moved on to the Guacamole Tipico. Nothing too spicy - thanks to Marisol's warning. This was a huge serving of guacamole and we ate every bite. It was a real treat; small chunks of avocado were mixed in among the normal guacamole smoothness, no surprise tomatoes or peppers. Fresh onions sat atop our guacamole stack. All of it was amazingly fresh. 
Nothing "tipico" about it...
We split the Nachos Conocidos for our entree. Slices of avocado, black beans, and brisket made up these crunchy, hearty nachos. The brisket was unique, despite brisket being a staple on the M Crowd menus. We enjoyed it - another dish we would order again.
The server was nice enough to split our order of nachos. These babies were huge.
Our dining companion ordered the tacos. Again, we asked Marisol if the barbacoa tacos or the carnitas were worth a try - she was kind enough to plate up both. We only sampled a bite of the carnitas, very rich, but they were darn good. 
Margaritas were no slouch either! One on the rocks and one frozen, we were pleased with the outcome of our frosty beverages. 

Mr. Mesero has something going on that is worth checking out!
The Dish: Try that queso!

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