Friday, May 11, 2012

Mason Bar

Thursday night we tried out Mason Bar located in the State Thomas neighborhood in Uptown.  They were hosting a charity benefit that night, so it was quite loud and very crowded. Since we were already planning to try this spot out, we decided to stick around.  We started with the mason fries as an appetizer.  These came complete with cheddar cheese, bacon, cilantro sour cream and shredded pork.  The waitress brought out a chipotle ranch dipping sauce and ketchup.  This was a good start, the pork was especially memorable, but we weren't blown away by the dish. 

We moved on to the side items.  It was such a loud atmosphere that a long drawn out dinner was not in the cards.  We ordered the mac and cheese and the Brussels sprouts. I would give both of these dishes  a B-.  The mac and cheese a little grainy and the Brussels sprouts lacked the full flavor that we'd prefer.

We wanted to end with something sweet.  Mason Bar offers bread pudding and a dessert of the day.  We ordered the dessert of the day which happened to be key lime pie.  This was the show stealer and possibly the only thing for which we would return.  The crust was buttery, the key lime filling was the perfect level of tart and the thick layer of whipped cream completed the delicious trifecta.

Overall, Mason Bar wasn't our favorite spot, despite having a cool vibe and a very nice staff.
The Dish: Dessert of the Day was an A+.


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