Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Landmark

On Monday night we headed over to the Warwick Melrose Hotel to enjoy their newly renovated restaurant, The Landmark. We went about two years ago before the renovation and were some of the only folks in the restaurant.  Needless to say, our experience was less than stellar.  This time, we'd hoped the outcome would be different.
The remodel has left the place looking great!

We arrived promptly at seven and there was one larger party in the wine room area and no one else in the restaurant.  In fact, there wasn't even a hostess at the stand.

After about 3 minutes, a waiter noticed us and then sent someone around to seat us.  We had the pick of any table in the place.  Red flag #1.

Our waitress was very nice (once she arrived) and told us about their course special.  We could basically have a 3 course meal picking anything off of hte menu for 35.00.  Reminder: "if it is too good to be true, then it probably is". 

We started with the lobster bisque and the crab cake for our appetizers.  About 20-30 minutes later, we were served the starters.  The bisque was watery and so bad, that we actually had to send it back (something that we have never done as Dishers).  Red Flag #2. The bisque was replaced by a charred tomato soup and cornbread.  This was actually pretty good- the flavors were really nice and the cornbread was buttery and crisp.  The crab cakes were served on a bed of greens accompanied by avocados and tomatoes. This was our favorite item.  They were light and generous on crab meat and not filler.

Crabcakes: the star of the show, hands down!

Lobster Bisque: Not up to par

Next, we both went with the tenderloin served over ravioli and topped with mushrooms. Fast forward 3 minutes later and we were served the entree.  The ravioli was filled with mushrooms and cheese and had a nice flavor.  The mushrooms on top of the steak were rubbery and I would have to say the same about the steak . It lacked taste and was not good. Red Flag #3.

The ravioli was tasty

Finally, on to dessert.  By this time we had been at our table for over 2 hours (and there were only two other parties in the restaurant). We actually considered leaving before dessert came.  The creme brulee was decent, but not great.  We also ordered the tuxedo cake- again decent, but not great.

Overall, we had a very dismal experience at The Landmark. Despite the 20% off coupon and nice waitress, we won't be returning.

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