Monday, October 1, 2012

East Hampton Sandwich Company

East Hampton Sandwich Company in Snyder Plaza has something good going on...and you can tell that by the waiting line. Don't be put off - it's worth it.
We found ourselves dining on a Tuesday at 11:30. The line moved quickly and at 11:30, seating was abundant. That all changed as the noon hour rolled around and the place filled up. 

First up, the roasted corn chowder. The spiced corn and bacon combo gave this little bowl of chowder a very spicy and smokey taste. The micro greens sprinkled on top helped to make the flavors clean. This will be a nice choice when fall finally sets in.

In the sandwich department, we started with the hot cheese and short rib sandwich. This beast, complete with white cheddar, caramelized onion, short rib, and arugula tasted just like my grandmother's roast...and without the crazy cook time and clean up. I would definitely order this again, if in the mood for something hearty. 

The Meyer lemon chicken sandwich didn't disappoint us either. Nice white meat pieces of roasted chicken, lemon vinaigrette, celery chop, and some crisp radishes gave this sandwich a very clean and healthy taste. 

Finally, the Gruyere and Asparagus sandwich - crisp asparagus topped with warm and melty Gruyere and finished with a Balsamic glaze, this sandwich was a huge hunk of vegetarian heaven. There was just enough Balsamic glaze to punch up the flavor on this sandwich and keep things interesting.

We ended our dinner with the Hampton's Donut Bag. Next time, I would skip that dessert and just walk on down to Creme de la Cookie. The donuts were a little dry - kind of like a cake donut that has been overcooked. It was a generous portion, but it was just not something we wanted to eat. Everything else tasted so clean, this was kind of a let down.

Hampton's Donut Bag - served in a brown paper sack

Overall, East Hampton Sandwich Company gets our vote - and a revisit for the very tempting lobster roll. Just make sure you time it right - this place fills up fast!

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